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english association

The aim of the English Association is to further knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of the English language and its literatures and to foster good practice in its teaching and learning at all levels. It has sections within the website to focus on all levels of English and Literacy teaching. See more at:



The CLPE is an independent UK charity with a global reputation for the quality of our research into literacy and teaching. Our work promotes high standards in the teaching of literacy. We particularly emphasise the importance of books and literature in enabling children to become confident, happy and enthusiastic readers and writers, with all the benefits this brings. – See more at:



The Association for Science Education (ASE) is the largest subject association in the UK. It is an active professional learning community that has been supporting all those involved in science education from pre-school to higher education for over 100 years; members include teachers, technicians, tutors and advisers.  It is a Registered Charity with a Royal Charter, owned by its members, independent of government and therefore a powerful voice for science education. ASE continues to make a positive and influential difference to the teaching and learning of science throughout the UK and further afield. Membership offers lots of unique benefits.

ASE offers student membership at £42 a year (£125 for three year direct debit) and offers many EPD and CPD activities around Wales for both student and experienced teachers.



The Association for Physical Education (AfPE).

AfPE is the only PE subject association in the UK and its work includes developing physical education related policy and related statements, responding to consultations, meeting with representatives from partner organisations and political representatives, and promoting the subject in a variety of forums.

AfPE’s purpose is to promote and maintain high standards and safe practice in all aspects and at all levels of physical education, influencing developments in physical education at national and local levels.  Corporate objectives are:

  1. Demonstrate the distinctive role of physical education in children and young people’s learning, development and achievement
  2. Establish and sustain physical education at the heart of school life and whole-school development, through support for high quality learning and teaching; research; ethical leadership and politically informed advocacy and representation
  3. Raise awareness of physical education’s contribution to public health and well-being and increased participation
  4. Play a leading role in the development of a workforce with the skills and qualities required to assure high quality physical education and sport in schools and in the wider community
  5. Provide high quality, professional, sustainable services for members and partners

For more details visit:


The PSHE Association is the national body for Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education, leading the effort to ensure that every pupil receives high-quality provision.

The association provides expert advice, training and high-quality resources for PSHE practitioners, and campaigns on their behalf to drive up standards of PSHE provision in schools across the country.  They also help practitioners to connect and work together effectively through their website and social media, training events and conferences.

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NATE, the National Association for the Teaching of English, serves the needs of those teaching English from Early Years to University.  It provides an independent voice on English matters nationally, but its main purpose is to support English and literacy teachers throughout the UK with ideas, resources, publications and opportunities to meet and share.  Their annual conference, for example, is a great place to celebrate English teaching and to find out good ideas from others.  Membership for student teachers is free – check out the website for more details:


Through its membership network, ATM has maintained its position as a powerful and authoritative association which responds and speaks with authority on matters relating to the learning and teaching of mathematics and influences decisions to the benefit of all who are learning mathematics.

Aims of ATM

The Association of Teachers of Mathematics aims to support the teaching and learning of mathematics by:

  • encouraging increased understanding and enjoyment of mathematics
  • encouraging increased understanding of how people learn mathematics
  • encouraging the sharing and evaluation of teaching and learning strategies and practices
  • promoting the exploration of new ideas and possibilities
  • initiating and contributing to discussion of and developments in mathematics education at all levels

Guiding Principles

Teaching and learning are cooperative activities. Encouraging a questioning approach and giving due attention to the ideas of others are attitudes to be encouraged. Influence is best sought by building networks of contacts in professional circles.

The power to learn rests with the learner. Teaching has a subordinate role. The teacher has a duty to seek out ways to engage the power of the learner.

It is important to examine critically approaches to teaching and to explore new possibilities, whether deriving from research, from technological developments or from the imaginative and insightful ideas of others.


NATD is an association of teachers from all phases of education. At its heart is the pedagogy of Dorothy Heathcote and the methodology of Drama in Education although all forms of Drama and Theatre are embraced.

NATD is committed to developing a child-centred, humanising curriculum with an internationalist perspective. We are constantly asking ourselves ‘what does the child need to know’ in order to be ‘at home’ in the world.

What brings us together is our passion for education and our conviction that all young people, throughout the world, now more than ever, deserve an education that meets their needs. NATD stands for a Living Curriculum, not a National Curriculum.

National Drama, the UK’s leading professional association for drama teachers and theatre educators, is dedicated to ensuring that all children and young people have the opportunity to learn about and through drama.

Learning through drama is a natural human process – our brains are ‘wired’ for it.  We recognise it as a powerful pedagogy and a creative process that provides a compelling means of exploration, expression and making meaning. Through it we learn what it is to be a human being.

National Drama is dedicated to the development, promotion and support of Drama and Theatre both in the UK and Internationally.



  • Sicrhau mwy o gyfleoedd astudio i fyfyrwyr cyfrwng Gymraeg – mewn partneriaeth â’r prifysgolion
  • Ariannu, datblygu a hyfforddi darlithwyr cyfrwng Cymraeg newydd ar gyfer y dyfodol
  • Ariannu ysgoloriaethau israddedig ac ôl-raddedig
  • Cefnogi myfyrwyr sy’n dilyn cyrsiau drwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg
  • Cynyddu’r nifer o fyfyrwyr sy’n dewis astudio’r cyfan neu ran o’u cwrs trwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg
  • Datblygu modiwlau, cyrsiau ac adnoddau o’r radd flaenaf i fyfyrwyr cyfrwng Cymraeg

Mae’r Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol yn gweithio drwy ganghennau a leolir ar hyd saith o brifysgolion ledled Cymru. Nod y canghennau yw cefnogi gwaith y Coleg a gweithredu fel pwynt cyswllt lleol i fyfyrwyr.

Mae’r dewis o gyrsiau cyfrwng Cymraeg wedi ehangu’n sylweddol dros y blynyddoedd diwethaf. Ceir bellach tua 1,000 o wahanol gyrsiau i fyfyrwyr cyfrwng Cymraeg, ynghyd â 150 o ysgoloriaethau israddedig a ddyfernir i fyfyrwyr yn flynyddol.

Mae’n rhydd i ymuno.


  • Ensure more study opportunities for Welsh medium students – in partnership with the universities
  • Train, develop and fund new Welsh medium lecturers for the future
  • Fund undergraduate and post-graduate scholarships
  • Support students studying course through the medium of Welsh
  • Increase the number of students choosing to study their whole course or part of their course through the medium of Welsh
  • Develop quality modules, courses and resources for Welsh medium students.

The Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol works through branches located across seven universities in Wales. The aim of the branches is to support the work of the Coleg and act as a local point of contact for students.

The choice of Welsh medium courses has expanded significantly in recent years. There are currently approximately 1,000 courses for Welsh medium students, along with over 150 undergraduate scholarships awarded to students annually.

It is free to join


The Music Education Council draws its membership from across music education and the music industry. The MEC is the umbrella body for all UK organisations connected with music education. It exists to bring together and provide a forum for member organisations to debate issues affecting music education and to make representation and promote appropriate action at local, national and international level. Its website is at


The National Society for Education in Art and Design is the leading national authority concerned with art, craft and design across all phases of education in the United Kingdom.

NSEAD has over one hundred years’ experience and concern for the subject. It has long-established contacts within government and its various agencies, with local education authority departments and other educational and cultural organisations in the United Kingdom. The NSEAD is the United Kingdom affiliate of the International Society for Education through Art, a UNESCO non-governmental organization.



The UKLA promotes literacy education at a national and international level and plays an active and strategic role in informing and influencing national policy.  As well as writing, commissioning and publishing journals, books and online materials that promote effective literacy practice, the UKLA provides excellent conferences where like-minded individuals from the full range of the education sector can come together and discuss the full range of literacy education.  For more details, visit: