TeachBites: Technology

Cardiff Met has hosted an insightful technology event for teachers and trainees to showcase and share the latest and most beneficial technology being used in classrooms across the country.

The first TeachBites event also highlighted the need for teaching digital skills to be given as much focus as numeracy and literacy skills in Welsh schools.

One hundred leading sector teachers, forty Cardiff Met students and students from University of South Wales attended the event to share best practice in teaching, practical innovations and personal insights in teaching with technology.

Latest technological innovations presented at the event at Cardiff School of Management with Achievement Services (EAS) included a variety of multimedia such as augmented reality, Virtual reality and the latest innovations from Google Classroom.  These were shown as effective ways to bring a digital aspect to teaching to help incorporate the new Digital Competency Framework into classrooms.

The event was led by practitioners within the South-East Wales region who have both attended and facilitated on the Excellent Teacher Programme, where participants are expected to lead and inspire others in excellent teaching within their own school and across primary and secondary schools in South East Wales. A question and answer panel led by practitioners answered questions relating to the Digital Competency Framework, and a presentation on ‘Growth Mindset’ revealed how one pedagogical principle suggests that organisations will need to adopt such a mindset in order to successfully integrate the changes of the new curriculum.

Professor ​of Computer Science and Public Policy at Cardiff School of Management, Tom Crick, has been integral in the design of the new Digital Competency Framework (DCF) and was keynote speaker at the event.

He said: “This event reinforced the importance of digital to Wales — from developing a new Digital Competence Framework and promoting high-value digital skills such as programming, data literacy and computational thinking in schools, through to understanding how digital and data intersects and underpins all of the key economic sectors for Wales.

If we want a prosperous and sustainable data-driven digital economy, we need to ensure we have the necessary skills, expertise and infrastructure – from primary school through to higher education. This is a key priority for Cardiff Met going forward, particularly through our new School of Technologies.”

Primary Studies Lecturer at Cardiff Met, Nick Young, said: “It has been such a brilliant experience to share the sector’s leading practice that is going on in classrooms with both head teachers, teachers and students.  With the ground shifting beneath our feet with curriculum reform in Wales and some uncertainty of what the future will hold in education, this conference was the perfect opportunity to bring together experts and key figures in our sector to explore the changes, share best practice and showcase some awe-inspiring ideas for both established and new teachers.”


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