Superhero Powers

spySuperman, Wonder Woman or a teacher – who is the real hero? Anyone who is able to juggle managing 30 youngsters, whilst questioning, challenging, monitoring and assessing said youngsters, in between bouts of break duty, marking and parents’ evening has got to be eligible for hero status.

But if you had the chance for a superpower too, what would it be? The ability to fly, to read minds or to turn invisible?   In a recent poll, Cardiff Met student teachers opted strongly for two superpowers:

  • telepathy – the ability to read minds and communicate mind-to-mind
  • time control – being able to slow, speed up or even stop time.


It seems that understanding young minds can be something of a challenge, and there certainly isn’t enough time in the day for writing up all those lesson plans!

Mind control was also a favoured option for some, as was taking on an altered form – maybe Severus Snape or Miss Trunchball would do the trick!

Some students came up with their own superpowers including super-sticking (for getting marking and sticking done at lightning speed) and super-motivator power (for instant motivation).

So whilst you mightn’t have a superhero costume, or a superpower, teachers certainly have superhero status!

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