Why become a teacher?

If you are struggling with planning, marking and behaviour management, you might well be asking yourself this question a lot lately!

But at Cardiff Met we are interested in what makes our next generation of teachers tick, so the November student poll asked about the factors that have attracted you into teaching.

The results are rather heartening.

The kids are okay

The number one reason is because you want to work with children and young people (66% of you).  Whilst young people and teaching often get a bad press, you clearly recognise the reality that working with young people is a valuable and rewarding vocation.

This top reason is closely followed by wanting to make a difference (65%).  Thinking back through your own experience of school, you’ll know the truth of this.  Teachers make a difference without even realising it much of the time.  If you want a fabulous example of how teachers make a difference, take a look at how Mr Burton made a difference to Musharaf’s life in Educating Yorkshire:


Inspired by others

We can all think back to a teacher who made an impression on us, and just over half of you have been encouraged into teaching by an inspirational teacher (51%).  Interestingly, about a fifth of you clearly have teaching in the blood and come from a family of teachers (and it didn’t put you off!).   A considerable proportion of you are inspired by wanting to pass on your enjoyment of a particular subject (45%).


You perceive teaching as a profession with a good outlook, as many of you see it as a stable job (41%) and a respected career (37%). Interestingly, pay and holidays are not big motivations with just under a fifth of you citing these as reasons for choosing a teaching career.

Here are some light-hearted reminders as to why teaching is the best job in the world. Click below: