“Successful Futures” Meeting Professor Graham Donaldson

Kris Evans PGCE Primary Student

Spanning 68 separate proposals, ‘Successful Futures’ proposes vast changes to the Welsh curriculum. As a student teacher looking to enter the profession, Professor Donaldson’s report caught my attention before I even started the course. It would seem impossible for anyone remotely interested in education in Wales to not have heard of it. So, when the opportunity arose to attend a lecture led by Professor Donaldson himself I was eager to take part and find out more about the proposals.

Early on in the seminar it became clear that the reform seeks to raise the standards of the existing practice within Wales.

“The current curriculum is getting in the way of good practice, not supporting it”.

It asks teachers to be leaders and not just followers. The reform also weighs in heavily on building upon the recently implemented Digital Competency Framework (September 2016) and the Welsh Assembly Government’s vision for expanding the number of Welsh speakers within Wales.

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