Emma Winter: an insight into my NQT year.

nqtWhen you qualify as a teacher it’s the best feeling ever: a mixture of achievement, relief that observations are complete, elation that you’ve actually got through quite possibly the most challenging year of your life and pure excitement at the thought of a lie in on a Monday morning (for a while at least).

However, I would argue that nothing can prepare you for that feeling you have walking into your school on your first day as an NQT! All of sudden you’re in charge and however ‘ready’ you feel at the end of your final school experience, it is petrifying.  Don’t get me wrong, I was so excited to greet the children on that first day (yep, no training days for me); however, I had NEVER been a class teacher at the beginning of autumn term. Best piece of advice…talk to fellow NQTs. Every one of my PGCE cohort that I spoke to experienced something similar to this.

So what does a typical week look like for an NQT? Hectic! One thing that PGCE certainly prepares you for is workload, but the skill is to manage this workload and I am constantly learning how to do this.

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