Student poll: Gryffindor victory

hogwarts-poll-copyWe all love a good story. They are a significant part of our navigation through life.   The Harry Potter stories are a fiction phenomenon – providing a thrilling magical world for millions of people.

Asked in a recent poll which Hogwarts house they would be in, Cardiff Met student teachers showed their true colours.   54% of you voted to be in Gryffindor – Harry Potter’s house.  Ravenclaw was runner-up (23%), followed by Hufflepuff (14%) and finally Slytherin (10%).

So what does this reveal about our next generation of teachers? Rather encouragingly, perhaps, by opting for Godric Gryffindor’s house, the majority of students appear to be appreciating the courage and determination of Harry Potter, qualities that you’ll certainly need on school experience!gryff

The Ravenclaw voters are undoubtedly valuing the wit and intellect for which this house is famous, whilst those of you imbued with decency and fair play align yourself with Cedric Diggory’s house, Hufflepuff. Again, these houses stand for attributes that will serve you well in the classroom.

Which leaves those of you who voted for Slytherin – a house with a history of producing dark and dangerous characters! We have no doubt that your cunning, your determination and your keen sense of ambition will take you far in school!


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