Developing creativity in learning

Professor Graham Donaldson makes the case for ‘CREATIVITY’ | ‘Developing creativity in learning: the impact of the Donaldson report’ | October 6th, 2016

PGCE Art & Design students, accompanied by tutors Robert Griffin and Paul Herrington participated in the recent Artes Mundi Learning Conference at the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff. Notable keynote speakers in the morning were Professor Graham Donaldson, principal author of ‘Successful Futures’ and Anna Cutler, Director of Learning at the Tate. The afternoon involved delegate participation in a variety of creative ‘learning’ workshops e.g. ‘Linking contemporary artists themes with older traditional art’ and ‘Creative cross-curricular learning’.

In his address, Donaldson launched the case for ‘creativity’ to an audience of art and design teachers and other art ‘education’ professionals. He warmly cited Sir Ken Robinson’s thoughts on ‘creativity’ whilst offering his perception of the term, with one eye on the new curriculum. He argued that creativity could raise self-esteem and enhance all round performance. He explained how creativity has the capacity to prepare learners for employment where flexibility and innovativeness matter. From an experiential perspective Donaldson highlighted that creativity offers the learner personal fulfillment, excitement and wonder. Follow the link below for more conference news:


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