Curriculum Cymreig or Curriculum Cymraeg?


How many of us are still unsure about the meaning of the above?

Do we think that they are one and the same thing?

The fact that they can sound the same verbally makes it all the more difficult without a clear definition and understanding of context.

So here is a definition:

The adjective Cymreig means ‘pertaining to Wales or the Welsh in terms of geography, the economy or culture’.

The adjective Cymraeg refers ‘more specifically to the Welsh language’.

(Prifysgol Cymru, 1950–2002).

In these terms, Curriculum or Cwricwlwm Cymreig refers to aspects of the curriculum that reflect the distinctive characteristics of Wales in terms of some subjects such as history and geography. Cwricwlwm Cymreig reflects the culture, environment, economy and history of Wales, and the influences which have shaped the country of today.

The use of the word Cymraeg in the context of the term Curriculum Cymraeg should refer only to Welsh as a Subject in the National Curriculum and aspects pertaining to the Welsh language.

Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru: A Dictionary of the Welsh Language, Cardiff 1950–2002.

Here are some examples for you:

Welsh costume – gwisg Gymreig

Welsh dimension – dimensiwn Cymreig

Welsh heritage – Treftadaeth Cymru (Heritage of Wales)

So remember to use the correct version and Pob Lwc with your continued learning!


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